Thursday 10th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Inside Arc: A New Exhibition At The Fashion Space Gallery

arc_mainThere’s something that gets us feeling all mischievous and exhilarated about diving deep into a fashion archive. It’s the element of surprise, the excitement to see iconic moments in history in the flesh. We’ve simply sold our souls to fashion, it seems. Willingly, of course. Designer Jennefer Osterhoudt, who worked with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen in Paris during the ‘90s, is putting her archive on display this month. It’s full of many promises; lots of Vivienne Westwood, Galliano, McQueen and specifically fabulous pieces such as the ‘Evita’ jacket Madonna wore in the ‘Take a Bow’ video. Ooh the adrenaline is kicking in. Each piece has been sourced by Jennefer through charity shop thrifting, and will be displayed alongside images of her shoe collection and the hundreds of backstage passes she’s collected. A fashion groupie’s dream.

“This collection is my work and my identity – I have always been a hoarder of fashion items and get a thrill out of coming across an Alaïa or Chanel piece in a charity shop,” said Jennefer. Girl, same. Working with stylist Nick Royal who co-created the collection, she added: “I always brought my treasured finds from San Francisco back to Paris and London and shared them with Galliano, McQueen and the other designers I’ve worked alongside as inspiration. I think, to them, it was really valuable to be able to see the real American culture that they had no access to.” And now, to us too. Expect to gorge on large doses of vintage pieces by all the greats.

The exhibition will be held at the Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion from Friday May 11th to July 28th.