Tuesday 9th April

| BY Michella Oré

Ten Tips on Shopping for Fashion Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2019

Your latest fashion-forward fix isn’t something you wear… you might sit on it though! Starting from today, the fairgrounds of Rho Fiera in Milan will be filled with visitors from over 180 countries, totalling in the hundreds of thousands. What brings them together isn’t the touchdown of a record-breaking artist on tour – they are all there to scout the scene at Salone del Mobile 2019 for the latest debuts in furniture. And judging by the rising numbers of fashion houses exhibiting there, it seems like interior design innovation just might be the next big thing in the industry. Forget about the IT bag – this is the era of the it table.

Rental demands in London have increased by 46% since last December according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents. With more people opting to rent, forgoing mortgages for the flexibility in setting down roots, there has been growing interest in spending a portion of the money potentially saved on quality furnishings that will get a lot of use. Think about it – you’ve moved into a place where little in regards to overall infrastructure is in your control. Making a rental feel like a home comes down to the personal touches, and furniture is one of the most visible examples of this. In light of the Salone del Mobile exhibition opening, we’ve rounded up a list of the top fashion-forward furniture collections to check out (or pin for inspo) during its run. And while there’s oh, so much more happening during Salone del Mobile, we bring you our guide to your luxury living.


Ringing in its fifth year at the furniture fair, Loewe is presenting a collection of curated woven, leather furnishings handcrafted by artists from around the globe under its Loewe Baskets exposition. Joe Hogan from Ireland produces durable baskets made of homegrown willow and Jiro Yonezawa hailing from Japan is a master of the bamboo basket. They are just two of the artists from the international roster who have turned their weaving techniques towards leather for this annual event. To accompany the basketry, a line of leather bags, accessories and charms featuring the same techniques found in the Baskets collection will also be presented. Crafted by Spanish artisans, these pieces standout out for their versatility, with woven purses doubling as hanging pots for freshly cut flowers or as wall art.


If you’re in need of an out of world experience, you should check out Marni’s Moon Walk Collection. Formica clad wooden and metal coffee tables shaped like spaceships, brightly coloured rugs made of wool and natural fibre, and a special line of blown glass bottles evoking a celebration of colour round out this collection by Marni that was created with a community of Colombian artisans. And it’s not all in vain – part of the profits for the brand’s this year’s Salone del Mobile project will be donated to the Future Brain programme which supports children receiving treatment at Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù’s neuro-oncological ward in Rome.


For those craving a sleek touch, Fendi Casa should be noted. The Italian luxury house just debuted its “Back Home” Collection that celebrates stripes, and lots of them. The featured Pequin striped pattern which first came to the scene in 1987 is now available in golden brown, dark blue and green. Marbles and onyxes also come together in this furniture line which was created in collaboration with architect Cristina Celestino and features a select range including armchairs and sofas that are sure to make any room exude sophisticated relaxation. And if you’re looking to take a little bit of Karl home with you, look no further than the Fendi motif designed by the late Lagerfeld in 1983 to resemble a rose that adorns the coffee tables and carpets that round out the collection.


And for those looking for that “pop,” Versace will be showcasing a colourful  installation inspired by a range of art movements —  from pop art to 18th century French Rococo. The installation will house pieces like the Pop Medusa chair, which features the iconic Medusa motif literally popping from the backboard, is made of water resistant polyethylene, and comes in bubble gum pink and lime. The Rhapsody and Jungle lines by Versace Home will also be on display, the latter for the first time. Jungle gets its name from the print that was showcased during the spring 2000 collection, which also happens to be the same print that covers the gown worn by JLo at the Grammys. Yes, the same dress that launched Google Images. Outdoor sofas, a sun bed, and a fire pit table are just a few of the items under the Jungle line that will be presented.


Inspired by the Tree of Life, both a symbol of fertility and the origin of Paisley which is printed across the collection, the Between Nomadism and Mythology Etro Home’s exhibition at the Salone will include four rooms exploring nomadism and mythology through design. Visitors can expect a burst of colourful allure with furnishings like the Flakes vase, covered in teal scales and golden beetles, and the Mythos dining table help up by two cherry red, winged horses.


Recently opened to coincide with this year’s Salone del Mobile expo, Gucci Décor’s new temporary store in Milan will house a range of furniture and decorative pieces with the eclectic and romantic aesthetic that is distinct to Alessandro Michele’s vision of the brand. Flora and fauna were heavily referenced throughout in Gucci’s ode to the natural world and can be seen in the lushly embroidered cushions and jacquard armchairs being offered. If you can’t make it to Milan – do not worry. Just download the Gucci App which features AR technology that will virtually pull up your favourite piece and place it directly in your space.


Miu Miu just gamified furniture. Unveiled today, the Miu Miu M/Matching Colorstool doubles as a chic seat and board game, perfect for when you’re looking to have some chill entertainment. The luxury house partnered with creative design agency M/M Paris to create the stool, which is made of linden wood and covered in uniform punctures. Accompanied by 300 jumbo match-sticks that fit snugly into the stool holes and come in a range of colours including a zesty orange and baby blue, the Colorstool is a logic puzzle waiting to be solved. With only 300 being produced, this is one piece you’ll want to keep on your radar.


Nature and the East. That’s what Mister Armani is bringing to the table (get it?) at this year’s Salone del Mobile. The zen of simplicity is taking over Armani/ Casa as the well-renowned fashion furniture brand works with Tadao Ando, a famed self-taught architect also currently exhibiting at the Armani/ Silos. The line drawn between Italian elegance and Japanese simplicity makes these pieces adaptable to any kind of space, with the lushness of natural elements framed by metal and colour. A reflection of Armani Privé’s last couture show, this collection is exactly what you would imagine from the meeting of fashion and interior. Chic indeed.



For all us modern-day nomads, there’s the ever-expanding collection of Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton. This year, the French fashion house has added two new design studios on their list of collaborators as they curate a collection of show-stopping furniture. One of the newbies, Atelier Biagetti from Milan are bringing in their own interpretation of a glass-topped dining table, combining the heritage of LV by introducing a soft beige leather base and a deep-blue Louis Vuitton lacquer on the inside. On the other hand, there’s the Campana Brothers created Bomboca Sofa, a cosy seat that transports the sitter in a cocoon-like bulbs of leather and soft fabric. All very limited edition and totally collectible.



Working with Dimore Studio, Maison Dior released a collection of 14 exclusive pieces that would fit into a modern-day home of their client. With a carte blanche from Dior, the Milan-based design studio took this as an opportunity to explore the richness of the Maison’s heritage, looking at both the men’s and the women’s division of the brand and creating one singular vision that merges the two. Available for one year by special order only, the collection includes all things you didn’t know you need with a Dior signature – a candelabra, an umbrella stand, an ashtray and a lighter… Now we just need to get Maria Grazia and Kim over for afternoon tea…


Salone del Mobile 2019 is taking place in Milan, Italy until Sunday, April 14th.