Friday 5th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten’s To See: Derek Ridgers x Artblock at the Truman Brewery


The lens that shot everyone from the Spice Girls to the teddy boys, with some Ten editorials in between. That’s Derek Ridgers for you. A man behind some of the most stunning, honest imagery that look at people as people, not as objects. And like the perfect artsy post-fashion month palate cleanser we need just about now, his latest exhibition is in town, and for few days only. Set up in collaboration with Shoreditch space Artblock, Derek’s eponymous exhibition is bringing the best of his lifetime of work, looking at subcultures, music and style, and how it all changed since the 1970s to today. So, how did it change? “The subcultures are everywhere now. It’s not just confined to London and New York anymore, it’s gone global. I see punks, goths, New Romantics, bikers and sometimes even skinheads everywhere I go. Mind you, I tend to look for them and I do go to some funny places,” the man himself tells us.

The way Mr Ridgers photographs are a document of the time he captures them in, as a time capsule that could be sent to another galaxy as the perfect representation of all that’s happening around. Curated by Faye Dowling, this latest exhibition is coinciding with the release of his tenth book “Derek Ridgers: Photographs”. Both the book and the show are looking at more than just the documentary photography he is so very known for, including his work in fashion as well as some images first commissioned by Ten. When looking at the past, what was Derek’s favourite period to shoot? “The ten years immediately after punk, 1978 to 1987. That was an incredible decade. It was as if the punk with its do-it-yourself spirit had liberated the youth of the UK to live life to its full potential. The punks said there would be no future and I think the kids that came along afterwards took that on board, but decided to shake it up whilst they still could.” ‘Nuff said, see ya there.

Derek Ridgers x Artblock is on display at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, G4 Gallery Space (entrance at Ely’s Yard), 15 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QL until October 7th. Admission free. Find more information here.

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