Monday 29th May

| BY Joel Traptow

Boy Meets Beauty: Chanel Hydra Beauty

ChanelHydra3Although I work in fashion I will admit that my skin care routine is a bit shit – as in, non-existent, other than washing my face when I shower (using my flatmate’s expensive facial cleanser… shhhh). Suffice to say I don’t have a solid routine, so when a bag of Chanel Hydra Beauty found its way onto my desk I thought: “if I am going to have a skin routine why not do so with Chanel?!” So, for the last month I have been using their Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, Micro Gel Yeux, Micro Creme and *spoiler alert* I’ve never felt fancier or softer. Living in London, your skin gets put through some tough stuff – between sweating to death on the tube to the 1000 pints some of us (me) consume a week – but using these has changed the game. So let’s break down the goods.

Micro Serum
Intense Replenishing Hydration

Probably my favourite – this one goes on thick and bit sticky (just how I like it) but has an instantly cooling effect and makes your face feel a bit tight. In a good way. A tight face means instant youth. Or, in the words of Chanel – “a unique sensory experience for a new radiance”. Amen.

Micro Gel
Yeux Intense Smoothing Hydration Eye Gel

Packed with blue ginger and Camellia Alba PFA this feels like water and instantly my eyes are de-puffed. Jack has taught me the importance of an eye cream, the man doesn’t have a crows foot to be seen. And eternal youth is always in fashion *side note* dont get this in your eye – it will sting.

Micro Creme
Fortifying Replenishing Hydration

The final step and the creme de le creme (hehe) is packed with micro droplets. What is a micro droplet you may ask? Well, I don’t really know but its magic whatever it is. This leaves your skin hydrated and plump. I’ve never looked better.

Moral of the story? You always look better when your skin is hydrated, people think you are younger than you are, you appear radiant and you just feel good but don’t take my word for it – I’m not a beauty vlogger…yet.

Collage images by Joel Traptow