Sunday 8th October

| BY Joel Traptow

Boy Meets Beauty: Glossier Is Coming To The UK


If you are a beauty boff, the name “Glossier” has most likely been on the tip of your tongue for a while. Founded in 2014 and with a worldwide cult following, the cosmetic and skincare brand started by Emily Weiss (“Emily the intern” on The Hill – remember?) is dead set on making all skin tones looking naturally beautiful. Previously hard to get our sweaty paws on – Glossier’s only carried online for shipping in the US and in their NYC store – from tomorrow all products will be available to be delivered to the United Kingdom. To celebrate, a run down of 5 products you NEED to include in your first order. Trust us…

Milky Jelly Cleanser 

The foundation to any good skin routine is a cleanser, without one you basically have no hope in achieving clear and baby-soft skin. The Milky Jelly cleanser is a gentle but very effective face wash – with rose water extract, pro vitamin B5 and Poloxamer as just some of the ingredients skin is left clean and incredibly soft. To quote Venus Extravaganza: touch this skin, darling, touch this skin honeytouch all of this skin!

Boy Brow

As someone who suffers from thin and sparse brows this has changed my life. I don’t really get how it works but it WOOOOORKS. All my girlfriends stand by this product and you should too- I suggest to achieve the “model brow”, brush once through against the grain and then with the grain and finally upwards to achieve that big brow look.

Cloud Paint

This one is multifunctional AKA a very good bang for your buck. Available in four shades ranging from a lovely nude to a deep pink, use this guy on your cheeks, eyes and lips. It’s extremely pigmented and adds just the perfect amount of colour to your face – WARNING a little goes a long way, which is not a bad thing, but unless a heavy blush is what you are going for – light application is best.

The Super Serums

I only just found out about serums and I’m furious that no one told me before: they are life changing. Essentially supplements for the skin, unlike moisturiser they seep deep into the skin each having different benefits. I suggest the trio – you get them all and I really cant decide which is the best. Super Glow, Super Bounce and Super Pure – for helping add a bit more life to the skin, helping fight any sort of blemish and moisturising tight dehydrated skin. 

Haloscope Highlighter

Last but certainly not least the haloscope highlighter – if you are not wearing highlighter what are you even doing with your life? The biggest makeup trend to really sweep the world since the contour. With a buildable formula to take you from a natural glow to an absolutely blinding radiance that could, potentially, blind someone.