Thursday 18th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Ten Adores: Comme Des Garcons Black Pepper

100 ML

August is a little dull. Everybody is away sunning themselves leaving the rest of us to deal with the mundane chores of every day life. Sometimes you just want to, in the immortal words of the Spice Girls, spice up your life. But how? Comme Des Garcons has just the cure for those autumnal blues in the form of Black Pepper. A name which is both intriguing and apt. When a meal is bland, what do you do? You add black pepper for taste. So why should this be any different to your bland life? My sense of smell is unfortunately rather lacking so please do not be offended if I rely (heavily) on the notes to accompany this spicy fragrance. According to my handy notes, Black Pepper is “an electric collision of molecules: the crash of spicy pepper seeds suspended within infinite darkness”. And if the spicy aroma won’t attract those for miles around you, then that description will certainly wow them. “What are you wearing they ask?” to which you casually reply “oh you know, just ‘a powerful subversion of olfactive convention. An incessant investigation of the perpetually unknown’ isn’t it obvious?” Somebody faints in the crowd. So suave. So smelly. Good smelly obviously. So ditch your pepper spray because this fragrance by Comme Des Garcons will repel all bad things, and truly spice up your life.