Saturday 22nd July

| BY Finn Blythe

Ten Loves: Concrete By Comme Des Garçons


Clinical, minimal, gorge. Initial thoughts on the new Comme des Garçons frag when it plopped through the letterbox Chez Ten last week. All before any sniffing took place. I mean, fragrance is really only about how it looks in your bathroom, isn’t it? And this one looks like it could have it’s own Grand Designs ep. Kev McCloud loves a bit of exposed concrete. And my my, those proportions. The scent itself? Well, it’s making me a little heady. Heady because three members of Ten HQ have all succumbed to its allure and have liberally sprayed it about their person. So what am I smelling? There’s a base layer of sandalwood which fades into something more industrial and synthetic, nothing acrid though, just enough to sharpen the senses before they go all gooey again with what we’ll call an opulent woody overdose. Get us. All very Comme, all very clever. Showing us a new side to concrete – sensual, provocative, seductive…we might take a bath in it later.

Comme des Garçons Concrete is available now at Dover Street Market