Monday 11th June

| BY Roxy Lola

A-Cold-Wall: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Samuel Ross is a man on a mission. A dangerous mission. He’s on a show smoke induced high, one which required us to wear face masks, goggles and ear plugs for Spring/ Summer 2019. Yes it’s been a good year for @acoldwall, the cult menswear label was a finalist for the LVMH Prize, the 2018 ANDAM Prize and the International Woolmark Prize. Boom. Oh, and he’s launching womenswear. Ross has got the drive and is gearing up for world domination. This was Human. Form. Structure. A larger than life fan zoomed on, ready to blow us away. A group of matching military style men painted grey, head to toe led the procession. This was the ultimate zeitgeist collection for the boy who lives on the streets… in the best way. It flowed freely in velcro panels of rich warm colours were seen into the smooth curve of the collars, drawstrings trailing behind them totally unpractical but a lewk. Windbreaker style nylon was deconstructed and put back together in ways that looked new, improved and just right. Puffer jackets became singlet style harnesses, PVC was crystallised in shades of blue and briefcases and handbags were silver surfing. Getting down to business. A Cold Wall was printed onto the inside of jackets that sneakily peeked out. Love a lowkey logo also in the form of initials ACW which will be The One To Be Wearing for the boiz around town next season. Fish netting was ripped to perfection and sneakers were feeling so Pop Art primary because oh how fashion loves a sneaker. Wooden frames were held around some looks, all about that structure and before the finale a styrofoam box was attacked and a naked man rose from the floor covered in what we think was supposed to be blood. Gotta love fashion! Mentor and ex boss @virgilabloh was obvs there front row in front of all the action alongside all A Cold Wall’s chosen ones. And it was a coooool crowd. The next big label in street wear, we know those luxury houses are watching. Faster, Samuel, faster!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans