Tuesday 9th January

| BY Jack Moss

Bobby Abley: Menswear AW18

Bobby Abley’s boys (and girls) just want to have fun. Because if Looney Tunes, bunny ears, furry dungarees, buck-toothed grills and a large yellow Tweety Pie sweatshirt made entirely from marabou doesn’t communicate that the wearer wants to have fun, what does? And why not? Bobby’s always a lot, but it’s why it works – it’s quite nice to see a designer having a laugh, especially at this point in the proceedings (four days in). Clashing with the cartoon-y-ness was something Garth deemed “gangster,” what Garth knows about this subject we’re not entirely sure, but there was certainly a sportswear influence to be had – baggy b’ball shorts were edged with Bobby’s signature bears, baseball caps came in fluffy plaid and branded knickers crept above the waistband, 90s style. So there we have it – the final show of London. Over and out!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans