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Calvin Klein Jeans: Aw15 Campaign

Inspired by Calvin Klein latest raunchy campaign of ‘raw texts’ and ‘real stories’ here is an exclusive insight into some late night messages of my very own:

Yesterday 11:43 PM

     You awake?

 Today 12:16 AM

I was asleep, you woke me up.

      Oh sorry, you fancy going out?

 Er, No. it’s a Wednesday and I haven’t washed my hair in like 5 days.

      What you doing now then?

 Watching IamCait, eating peanut butter with a spoon.

      Can I come over?


 Today 1:03 AM

     …goodnight then.


Ok, so not quite the provocative tale of casual threesomes and sexually liberated youth. Just me? Well, guess I’m just not that Calvin kind of girl. Still love me a good pair of jeans though.

Maybe you’re better off watching this:

Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

Cast: Grace Hartzel, Ethan James Green, Aya Jones, Julia Van Os, Piero Mendez, Alessio P., Imaan Hammam, Harmony Boucher, Torin Verdone, Laura Julie, Noma Han, Jamie Carpena, Tiana Tolstoi, Reid Rohling and real life couple actor, Will Peltz, and girlfriend, Kenya Kinski Jones