Monday 8th January

| BY Jack Moss

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY: Menswear AW18

That was (and excuse her French) “ah-fucking-mazing” according to La Neophitou. Also in her (slightly paraphrased) words – people don’t do fashion shows like that anymore, shows that stick with you, long after you’ve walked out of the door. And try forgetting this one in a hurry – entitled “Tantrum” it began with Charles’ living dead, screaming, writhing ghouls that may or may not have caused a certain member of Team Ten to let out a little bit of wee (excitement and fear, apparently), before the show proper, set to the rousing sounds of Firestarter. “Tantrum” was an ode to the designer’s native Scotland, which he returned to for a moment of reflection, but instead of that, though, he found a bubbling volcano of rage. Which meant all those things you think of when you think of Scotland – tartan, plaid, kilts, tam o’shanter – chewed up and spat out through the inimitable LOVERBOY blender. Wallace tartan met Charles’ own tartan – a bridge from past to present, according to the notes- skin-tight jerseys had ancient Scottish tribal adornment, basics were inspired by those you see on Glasgow’s streets. It all sort of built to a crescendo of wings, antlers and standing stones, which, if we’re entirely honest, you should look at the pictures yourself, because we probably won’t do it justice. So much more too, but we’re still to digest. Just know that it was good. More than good. We had a little cry backstage. Charles is part of the Ten family, and probably (certainly) its most talented son. The boy done good.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans