Wednesday 11th April

| BY Finn Blythe

DKNY Unveils Sam Claflin As The Face Of Their New Summer Campaign

DKReally only a matter of time till somebody snapped up Brit actor Sam Claflin. We’re just surprised it’s taken as long as it has. He’s all cheekbone and boyish charm, served within a hunky, rugged exterior. If this was ten years ago there’d probably be racy Sam Claflin MSN wallpapers being bluetoothed between Sony Ericssons and Motorola’s in schools up and down the country. There probably still are. Point is, he’s a great fit for DKNY, who have just unveiled him as the face of their brand new Summer campaign. In case you’re scratching your head trying to recall where you may have seen Sam’s fine visage before, the answer is there are many possible answers. He’s a frequenter of Blockbusters with a capital ‘B’; from Pirates of the Caribbean (the fifth one) to Hunger Games and that remake of Snow White with Kristen Stewart, Sam has been stupendously busy over the past few years. Now, he’s crossed the border into fashion for a DKNY ad that manages to fuse Richard Ashcroft barging his way past old grannies and those old silhouetted iPod commercials. Except, this is no bittersweet symphony and nobody is jerking anything out, it’s just Sam Claflin on the streets of NY making us think we should buy more DKNY.