Sunday 17th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Dolce & Gabbana: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Dolce & Gabbana is getting deep. Deep in the DNA of the brand, the archives and feeling sacred, profane, spiritual. The Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s show was titled DNA Evolution, a liquid golden shrine was the set for a celebration of what D&G does best. Dolce golden boy Cameron Dallas opened the show in a glinting gold embroidered suit with matching crown. He’s King. Proof of the evolution, a shameless pop fest of the insta-famous and current hits – Zayn and Camila Cabello were on blast. Down with the kids. Basketball style shorts hung low, loose and worked into matching sets, everything heavily embellished, especially those suits that glittered and shimmered, reflecting the light so well with belts stating DG loud and proud. All the symbols of Catholicism that come naturally with a Dolce show were there in the crosses that swung heavily from necks paired so well with a rush of camouflage that chilled it all out. Bling bling, baby. Surgical masks were crystallised, for the underground street guy, but all that classic sharp tailored suiting still held strong. Monica Belluci strutted in a three piece suit, so very Spring 2000 D&G. Well, we are reviving the noughties here. It was a Sicilian lovefest, #DGFamily scrawled on knits, and yes it really was all about family; kids on the runway and a whole lot of couples. Love is love, as they always say. Best part? Queen Naomi Campbell fresh as f**k swaggering down that runway in a pinstriped suit, polka-dotted bow tie on, and fedora. Boom. Italian mobster chic. Love a badass boss woman in a suit. D&G DNA is the good stuff.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans