Thursday 18th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Dries Van Noten: Menswear AW18

Apparently, Dries van Noten sent out a press release before his Autumn/Winter 2018 show stating that this season there would be no talking to the press, either before or after the show. Instead, the clothes will have to speak for themselves. Which kind of makes sense because isn’t that the point of a fashion show? And who wants to wear a jumper that requires an A4 page of text to explain the idea behind it? To be honest, we’ve always been fans of the Mossy mantra, never explain, never complain.

So, what did these clothes say to us in all their infinite wisdom? Wild, wild west. Well maybe not wild west, but there was an element of American Prairie to this. It was there in the check, the squareness of the shoulders, the embroidery of shirts that brings to mind rodeo cowboys. These were paired with skinny, tailored trousers creating a narrow silhouette, despite the fitted looseness of the upper layers. A rainbow of marbled outerwear closed the show, the pattern looking not dissimilar to what I imagine a mirage of water to look like when crossing a dusty prairie landscape and realising your water bottle is empty. Not that Dries has ever hallucinated whilst trekking across some vast and parched landscape. Plus he’d probably have a back up bottle. He’s smart like that.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans