Thursday 27th July

| BY Finn Blythe

Eva Herzigova Stars In Roberto Cavalli’s Just Released Fall Campaign


Could we say there’s something prehistoric about Roberto Cavalli’s latest campaign? Not outdated – far from it, it’s snapped by young photog Jack Waterlot – more in reference to the furry animalism that these images are dripping with. It’s palpable – just as it was for Cavalli’s Fall ready-to-wear collection, which featured smatterings of python and ostrich feathers, as well as an abundance of chiffon leopard print. Here, Eva Herzigova, former Cavalli muse and apparently immune to the ageing process, is joined by chunk of hunk Jarrod Scott for a bit of steamy action.

Looking like a fierce primal couple, the campaign feels as though it could have been shot in their cave domicile, where they are donning the furs of recently vanquished beasts before drawing them on the walls. That appears to have been something reptilian in Eva’s case, as well as something very large and furry, whereas Mr. Scott, resembling a ragged Fred Flintstone minus the club, looks as though he’s wearing a bear – perfect for draughty nights in the cave.