Thursday 13th July

| BY Joel Traptow

Exclusive: Watch A Teaser Of Fendi’s AW17 Menswear Film

If you are reading this and the year is 3017, the world has ended and the only man left alive is Nicolas Ripoll and a closet full of Fendi. Which might not be entirely true, but it sounds quite fab, non? Well, mostly just the Nicolas Ripoll and closet full of Fendi part, a lot less the world ending part. The reason we are rattling on about the world ending? The barren, moonlike landscape of Lanzarote in which Fendi’s new AW17 film takes place. In the teaser above, we have a pounding drum, adrenalin – perf for a collection that we will call sporty and fun, nether of which I’d use to describe myself but with that fur coat with “FENDI” splashed down the side (in yellow) I’d probably change my tune. “I wanted to highlight the bond between nature and the city, between humanity and nature, that’s why I chose to shoot the video in Lanzarote. Its incredible landscapes were the perfect place to represent this contrast between humanity and nature,” said Silvia Venturini Fendi of the film. So fancy a romp in a shearling? Buy some Fendi, put it in a suitcase and fly to the Canaries. It’ll be fab-u-lous.

Watch the full film on tomorrow…