Wednesday 17th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

GmbH Present Men’s And Womenswear For AW18

Imagine the year is 1980 something, lets say the first half of the 1980’s, maybe 1984. Why the hell not? You are an internationally renowned villain, living underground in an evil lair. It’s winter, there is snow outside, you know this because you have seen it on one of the many screens that keep you abreast of the goings on above ground. You decide, as a treat to yourself for your hard year of villainous activity, to venture out for a quick ski down the slopes. You’ve earnt it. Why this weird ski villain tangent? Well, there’s just something rather Bond villain on snow about the GmbH collection, what I imagine Fabio to look like on skis, if there were any pictures of him on skis, and if he was a Bond villain.

It’s in the cut of the coats, and the ribbed knits that zip up at the neck. They’re bulky. Top heavy. They have that exaggerated, rounded shoulder shape that signifies heft. Trousers are high waisted, you can tell by the elongated exposed zips, and straight, that kind of 80’s straightness that creates the illusion of a wide leg. They come in two variations- soft and hard. Soft, in some fancy techy fabric of which we do not know the name but has a sheen to it, and almost flows as you walk. Hard, in stiff denim or leather, almost meaty skin, like that of motor cycle leathers, which they could actually be, seeing as there were motorcycle gloves here. Really, the only thing missing to complete the Fabio illusion was a long, flowing, golden mane.