Wednesday 20th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

GmbH: Spring/ Summer 2019

Have you read the news recently? It’s no joke – our society is on the verge of falling apart. You can choose your topic: environment, international politics, violence… It’s all looking pretty grim. But instead of sulking and crying over the daily stream of negativity coming their way, the boys behind GmbH decided to create their own set of Survival Strategies, as they titled their Spring/ Summer 2019 collection. Thinking of the past, but looking at the future is what Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik did throughout their design process – listening to immigrant stories their mothers told them, but acknowledging everything that’s happening around them now. The outcome was simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic, perhaps a nod to the fact that the concerns we thought were a thing of the past are coming back, bigger than ever before. The perfectly cut vibrant vinyl trousers reeked of futurism, while the traditional dress details brought the heritage aspect into play. Suiting also became an essential part of the GmbH survival kit – reinforced with back braces and cut in an active silhouette; ready to walk, run, fly or whatever else the situation required. Discussing the future, it’s always easy to fall into a negative discourse. But what is much more difficult is turning the horror into beauty, and that’s exactly what Huseby and Isik have done. If we have to listen to shit Donald Trump says, we might as well do it dressed in head-to-toe GmbH.