Tuesday 30th August

| BY Jack Moss

Is There A Gosha Rubchinskiy Fragrance On The Way?


Ooft, we love an anonymous source here at Ten Towers. So what’s the latest rumour they are peddling upon the interwebs? Well, word has it that Gosha Rubchinskiy, him of post-Soviet sportswear fame, is launching a debut fragrance. Natch we are tres excited. Apparently he’ll be making the scent in collaboration with fragrance wizards Comme des Garcons (they own a share in his company) who have previously brought us scents inspired by “hot burning asphalt”, “electricity and lettuce juice” and “washing drying in the wind”. Oo-er. Expect the unexpected, basically. Perhaps it will be the stink of a teenage boy? Fags, unstable levels of testosterone and a spritz of Lynx Africa? Maybe not. Either way, we’ll slather it upon our bodies anyway. And it could be with us as soon as October. But will probably sell out before we even smell it. Consider setting up temporary accommodation outside DSM in preparation.

Photograph from Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Youth Hotel, published by Idea Books