Friday 19th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Junya Watanabe MAN: Menswear AW18

So, Junya Watanabe. What was the collection like? Allow us to defer once again to resident fashion oracle, Garth Allday Spencer. What he doesn’t know about fashion isn’t worth even writing down, because, you’d just be staring at a blank, wordless page, and I’d be out of a job. Anyway, Junya is more outdoorsy this season. He’s taken a step into the great wide open, says Garth: “Boys love the practical world. Function always wins over decorative. This though, is decorative function. Which is obviously much better than just function, function. There’s high vis tape on everything, and what is high vis tape, even when used decoratively, if not the pinnacle of function? Who wants to be run over crossing a dark street in the dead of night? And, on that note, is it possible to get more functional than a high vis jacket morphing into a backpack? Remember playing with Transformers when you were a kid? Are clothes the new Transformers?” Possibly Garth, very possibly. They’re definitely more fun. What I want to know though is this, is Junya the Dolly Parton of the new century? Well she did sing about working 9 to 5, and these clothes are made for working 9 to 5.