Friday 12th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Les Hommes: Menswear AW18

There’s something in the top heavy, drop shouldered silhouette at Les Hommes that immediately brings to mind Vizzini, the small evil one who thought he could out smart the masked, imposter Zorro in a game of who will drink the poisoned wine. It’s the embroidery and the cut of the neckline that, in a weird way, echoes those rounds of ammunition you always see people wear on their person in Jean Claude Van Damme films. How’s that for a smorgasbord of unrelated, random thoughts to kick off a review? To be honest though, if you actually look at the collection, those random thoughts do make sense. There’s mention of “breastplates and armour out of a firey battle” in the press release, and what are the Princess Bride and any Van Damme film ever made if not two extremes of that very concept? Also, who wants to go into a fiery battle not looking the part? And on another totally unrelated thought, can we briefly discuss that all of this is topped off with a Stay Puft man sneaker? How can you not love anything that alludes to the Ghostbusters? No matter how far fetched that may sound.