Monday 11th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Man: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Man oh man, we love a good Fashion East roundup mid fashion week to spice up our lives. It began with Stefan Cooke’s ‘The Luxury of Boredom’ and obvs we were anything but bored. Ostrich feathers came out flouncing from the waists of belted jeans and paillettes were placed strategically reflecting the light. A good beginning. Prints and patterns clashed on point and collars frilled. Cardigans looked so soft, sweetly unbuttoned at the top before chainmail vests toughened it all up, and on handbag straps tossed over shoulders, cross body style. FYI bags were printed on bags, which we loved. Faces were painted for a very casual battle that Stefan Cooke’s men had already won. And then onto Rottingdean Bazaar, all dressed up. They came out with ‘FOR RENT’ signs, each look something out of a fabulous trunk in what we’re imaging is a very old school costume shop, as the boys and girls came out in getups resembling carrots, ghouls, trees, sorcerers, Van Gogh and David Bowie. It was the ultimate dress up, but made fashion. Art School was the closing chapter, the final Man moment for them, iconically opened with Ms Princess Julia in a ripped t-shirt that stated the show’s title, ‘High Concept Character.’ Yes they swaggered around in snakeskin boots and feathered heels, hands up in the air, a whole lot of flashy sequins, vinyl mini dresses and bias cut suiting. The complete wardrobe. All we needed was Lady Gaga to sing to us, “walk walk fashion baby.” Go forth, be fabulous.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans / /