Sunday 17th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Neil Barrett: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Neil Barrett loves a man in a uniform. His uniform. Amen to that. He is one of the masters of Menswear and as he heads toward 20 years of his self-titled success, he’s cooly, confidently confirming that he knows what the people want. We are his people. Walking on cellophane style sunshine, the warmest yellow was their yellow brick road, into the future, as the boys and girls walked to a fast beat in Spring/ Summer 2019. Flowers were their badges of honour, single flowers blown up, sliced into and deconstructed. A new floral print, one we would say actually is groundbreaking for Spring. We like his style. Flowers were submerged into a deep sea diving scape, a modern day explorers uniform. We can’t tell you if it’s totally practical for such explorations but it looked damn good. The Neil Barrett boy explores in neoprene wetsuit style super slick silhouettes made from the finest nylons and a whole lot of high tech tough stuff. Shorts sat high on the waist, a streamlined sneaker led the way and flashes of electric blues and reds revved it up. Neil Barrett knows his man. And his woman. The girls were elevated in scuba style heels and a whole lot of nylon that came in trench coats, sheer mesh dresses and hand-held totes. We imagine they’ve come from an underwater underworld where they get down to business and get shit done. Our kind of uniform.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans