Sunday 14th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Neil Barrett Shows His Men’s And Women’s AW18 Collections In Milan

Why is it, that whenever I see shiny, yet worn leather, especially if it’s black, or midnight blue in colour, I immediately think of Al Pacino in Cruising? Who hasn’t entertained fantasies of being sent on an undercover mission in the deepest recesses of Chariots Roman Spa? To be honest, that assessment isn’t too far off. This Neil Barrett collection is apparently, “built on the notion of uniform: from the school yard to the office, denim to sportswear, tailoring to army fatigues”. Think of it as the masculine equivalent of Donna Karen’s famous seven easy pieces mantra, but rooted in a grunge influenced nineties, rather than a ‘working girl’, power shouldered eighties.

Though obviously, this is a whole collection, so lets not limit ourselves with such small numbers, there are at least fifty easy pieces here you have to own- belted flasher trench? Check. A slim line pant in a monochrome Sixties geometric print? Check. Neat matching jacket, zipped up and squarish with a sharp collar? Check… and we’re not even on to the leathers yet. Let’s just put it this way, it’s a great time to be a man in uniform.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans