Tuesday 16th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

NO 21: Menswear AW18

There’s a nice square motif running through the Autumn/ Winter 18 Numero Ventuno collection. Is square the right word for a textile? Or is geometric better? Not that it was necessarily geometric, more themes on a square. Which in turn begs the question, was Huey Lewis right? Is it now, in fact, hip to be square? So back to the squares/ geometrics; They appeared on knits, as tartan on shirts, houndstooth on vests- arms bare, no shirts were worn under these knitted sleeveless wonders- and recurred in the shape of the silhouette, which was, well, square. A mustardy palette, punctuated with maroon and moss greens gave this a geeky seventies vibe. Revenge of the Nerds, if it hadn’t been filmed in a different decade, and the nerds possessed anything resembling style. This collection on the other hand, possessed style in spades.

Photography by Jason Lloyd-Evans