Friday 3rd November

| BY Jack Moss

Polo Ralph Lauren Go Military With Their Latest Limited Edition Polo

Polo Ralph Lauren

So inspired am I by this latest instalment of Polo Ralph Lauren’s limited edition polo series that I’ve decided to join the army. Okay, I haven’t, because, quite frankly 1) I couldn’t think of anything worse and 2) the potential of me being left in charge of any sort of weapon is enough for Britain’s citizens to retreat into their homes and never leave again. That said, I’ve always found army garb quite appealing, not in a sort of man-in-uniform kind of way, rather for being really quite practical. Namely: we’ve heard camo is good for hiding from people. And I hate people, so that’s good. Army garb also makes you look very rugged. Even if you are not. And I suppose rugged is quite sexy, isn’t it? This polo is the latest in a special edition series, inspired by “classic Polo sensibilities,” that has seen us transported the American west, Hawaii and the sports field circa 1950. Collect them all (and their matching drawstring bags) – by heading to the website below or global Polo Ralph Lauren flagship stores. Where to next?