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Prada Release AW16 Campaign Video Starring Eddie Redmayne

Call me crazy, but I have just come to notice something groundbreaking. Perhaps it was just down to shaking off the Monday blues, but it inspired an epiphany. And I have finally realised that I have never seen Garth Spencer and Eddie Redmayne in the same room, at the same time. This has led me to deduce that Garth and Eddie are in fact the same person. It would definitely explain why Garth becomes incredibly shifty whenever Eddie is brought up in conversation. And it would also explain why he disappears from Ten Towers for long periods of time under the guise of “going to the gym”. Yeah, right. The last time he was gone I believe he was away not only shooting the AW16 campaign for Prada (which we have already seen, and love), but also the accompanying video which I had the pleasure of viewing this morning. You’d have to watch it yourself to get the full Garth/Eddie clone experience but think Blue Steel, and a weird Narnia like green screen. Very Garth. I mean, Eddie.

Featuring Eddie Redmayne
Film by Craig McDean, Masha Vasyukova and DJA
Music by Hiram Martínez – ‘End Up Apart’