Tuesday 9th January

| BY Jack Moss

Pronounce: Menswear AW18

Second show of the day is Pronounce, and this one’s styled by the big GS, AKA Garth Spencer. Well done him. Tonnes of great outerwear from Zhou and Li this season – duvet coats in optic white, shiny puffas, quilted PVC overcoats (with matching vests!). Plenty of colour, too – the aforementioned purple, electric pink, green, bleached denim. The designers called it a musing on East and West (a nod to their own heritage) – combining, as they did, traditional Western tailoring with the Mao suit, while buttons came inspired from a vintage Chinese jacket. Plenty more to like here too – cable-knit cardigans, extra-long, wide-leg trousers that pooled at the ankle, nice utility details – flap pockets, hook fastenings, chunky hiking boots. And those hats! Cute. We’re planning to be extra-nice to dear Garthy, in the hopes he might be able to nab us something. Pretty please?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans