Thursday 18th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Rick Owens: Menswear AW18

This just in, from the fashion oracle, Garth Allday Spencer of the magazine which you have voluntarily chosen to follow on social media- there was no subliminal messaging involved, scouts honour. So, Rick Owens ; “What was it like babes? Can you tell me anything? Show notes?” “No notes. I picked up the trainers.” “Lucky bitch.” “No, I didn’t get them. But I saw them and they’re new. No more Adidas.” Whats that if not breaking news? Shall we go on? Yes. “What about the clothes?” “End looks. I’m all about the end look.” Tell us more! “New born baby animal with a fresh micro fuzz/ black candy floss”. Really, is there any point continuing on with this ‘review’- you have all you need to know. There is though, one last burning question left to address. Are we in the throws of a zombie apocalypse, or is Rick reinventing the Blue Man Group? Whitewashed models on a runway, it can only mean either one of those things. I’d just like to know which, so that I can adjust my Amazon order accordingly. What do I lose from my basket? Shotgun or keyboard?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans