Friday 19th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Sacai: Menswear AW18

According to the press notes the starting point for the new Sacai collection was a New York Times declaration, “truth, it’s more important now than ever”. Which, you have to admit, in a world of fake news, not to mention the ‘leader’ of the free world arguing with a mentally unbalanced dictator over who has the largest nuclear button, a button that technically doesn’t exist, they kind of have a point there. But what does that mean for clothes? Sacai is always a mash up of silhouettes and references and this season is no different. There’s a nomadic flavour running through this. These are clothes that can take on the elements. There’s a sense of Wild West romance to the collection. And yes, the Wild West has been mentioned more than once this week, does this mean that we’re actually spotting an emerging trend? Shock Horror. To be honest, it’s actually more a marriage of Nordic folklore and American military. Which we know from looking at the union of traditional knits and camouflage, which we know because we have the press notes, and we have eyes. You have to admit though, a taste of the Wild West comes through when you combine those two, or something like that. Think of this collection as an eskimo kiss to keep warm in through the coldest months.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans