Thursday 7th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Saint Laurent: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Sex, Saint Laurent and rock n roll. Anthony Vaccarello took us deep into his dreams of Studio 54 in the late ’70s last night. Saint Laurent Men’s Spring/ Summer 2019 played out on a ferry at Liberty Park in front of the glittering, electric New York City. Vaccarello always takes us places. The sultry sound of a guitar, electronic beats and deep bass pulsated through the night sky as the classic YSL men made their way on their very casual mission, infused with all that Studio 54 represented; freedom, success and letting loose. It was everything we wanted and more, hands in pockets of black-as-the-night skinny jeans, belted low and paired with open shirts under sharply tailored coats. Lennon Gallagher was swaggering in a sheer leopard print shirt so new gen rockstar cool. Ten girls (great number) were in the mix including Kaia Gerber obvs, the YSL wild child, and Lexi Boling in their crisp white shirts. The sweet spot was in those heart red bandanas tied around the neck, shimmering embroideries on the shoulders and chests of shirts lit the way. Lacing made it’s way down the front of shirts, hoodies and roughed up leather. There was just an easy amount of liberation happening here. Everything so casually tossed on and free-flowing. It all led up to a finale of boys bathed in silver glitter, necklaces and scarves piled up and shining pants. All that debauchery at the end of Studio 54’s short life happening here. Painting the YSL town in silver just feels so right. It was like a great concert that gets your blood flowing with all the Saint Laurent groupies on deck; Kate Moss, Travis Scott and her honour Ms Lauryn Hill. Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent is all about a sharp shoulder, a come as you are attitude and channelling your inner Jagger at Studio 54. All we needed was Bianca to show up on that white horse.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans