Thursday 25th January

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: Stone Island’s “Ghost” Jacket

SI10CSome seriously nerdy info for the seriously nerdy readers out there, who, like us, are seriously nerdy about outerwear. Introducing the Ghost range by Italian-apparel aces Stone Island. Ghost is the super-technical line within the mainline that is based entirely on the idea of camouflage. Note, even the two-button badge of honour on the left arm (it’s always the left arm) is white. They’re not being abstract – this is black for night, white for snow. See also grey, green and navy. Cue Tank Shield: a mix of opaque polyester and cotton that is then “laminated with panels made by a ‘performing membrane’”, all protected with a technical mesh. Sounds complicated, but this is future-thinking stuff. It will not leak, nor let in draughts, and it’s as light as the feather-injected goose down in the ultra-light lining. Like the ultimate Ikea kitchen, this lining, weighing only 26g per square metre, can be laced in and out with a simple rope system that ties at the end to hold the whole thing in place. So, what to wear yours with? White, of course, that’s the whole point and, indeed, “the look”; but more realistically, any of the brand’s selvedge jeans or navy chinos. Underneath, maybe bring in their well-priced Marina line – something sailor-striped. This, fellow tech heads, is the stuff of an outerwear wet dream.

Taken from the latest issue of 10 Men, REBEL HEART, on newsstands now…

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