Friday 16th March

| BY Joel Traptow

Ten Commandments: Wooyoungmi: The Collection


 “Has anybody seen young Richard?” “Yeah, he left about 30 minutes ago. Said something about wanting to spend all his money on Woooyungmi and if anybody wants him he’ll be at the bank.” Despite having joined Wooyoungmi Anonymous, the support group for fashionable types addicted to the designs, young Richard had never managed to stay debt-free, or “dry”. So, once more, he had walked out of work and made his way to Selfridges. It’s there that he can indulge in his fantasies and finger the super-fashionable apparel. The staff know him: he’d bought whole collections in the past. This new one, though, was the best. Its modern mash-up of slacker style and skater-ish wear spoke to him directly. His favourite films, Empire Records and Ghost World, seemed more relevant now than ever. He, too, would layer like a champion and tuck his check shirt in and walk with a cool, modern Wooyoungmi insouciance. And those patch-flap pockets on those cream trousers were perfect for holding nerdy slacker things such as bulldog clips and a Filofax. “Wooyungmi is my spirit animal,” he whispered as he pulled on the red knit and shirt combination and then queued at the till. Work could wait and, anyway, when this stuff hits the shops you’ve got to be quick. There are some serious addicts to compete with.

Taken from Issue 47 of 10 Men Magazine, SHIFT POWER NEW, on newsstands now

Collage by Siduations