Friday 8th February

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Church’s CH873 Trainers


The fact that streetwear is taking over the world isn’t news. However, when a 145-year-old heritage shoe brand launches an extensive range of trainers – that’s news. And then when those trainers look absolutely delicious and we want them on our feet asap – that’s Ten Loves for you. Church’s has just released CH873, a fresh new trainer shape in a whole variation of colours in both men’s and women’s sizes. Nine for the girls and 11 for the boys, to be exact. Both the silhouette and the colourways are reminiscent of those aerobics trainers seen in Jane Fonda’s workout videos. But instead of wearing them with neon leg warmers and Spandex leotards, the CH873 lends itself to an oversized striped shirt and a pair of jeans or even a full suit in a matching colour. It does carry a Church’s logo after all…

As for our picks from the bunch, w’re feeling quite sexy this week, so our favourites are the ones oozing with spice. The hot red in suede for the guys, and the mix of metallic, suede and nylon combo for the girls. But you know, gender is a construct so just find the right shoe size and go for it.

The Church’s CH873 trainers are available to shop in selected stores and online.