Friday 19th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Thom Browne: Menswear AW18

Is it only me, or is there always something rather church like about a Thom Browne collection? Papal even? Definitely reverant. Welcome to the church of Thom, now get on your knees and worship at the altar biatches. Too much? Whatever. We have more pressing issues to address, namely Thom coming over all old school. Old school TB no less. To quote from the release that is press, “elaborations on a jacket and a pair of trousers. This way and that way. That’s it”. So yes, all the shrunken, Oliver Twist proportions you’ve come to expect are here. I want to describe them as monastical, but am debating whether that’s even a word. The nomad thing is rearing its ‘ugly’ head here again too, except this time, you’re not travelling across a prairie landscape, it’s more of a scout cookie selling situation in a Michigan suburb. And on that note, if a scout knocked on your door, box of cookies in hand, don’t tell me you wouldn’t buy them. And the clothes they’re wearing. You’re only human after all. You don’t possess the power to resist.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans