Wednesday 17th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Valentino: Menswear AW18

Forgive the tangent that is about to vomit all over you, and not in a sexy way, but look up Valentino, the AW18 mens collection. Now tell me that Look 1- black from head to toe, front pleated pant, tucked in, zip-up polo neck knit, flowing, lightweight coat, and shiny, shiny leather, possibly patent, man clutch tucked under arm, is not pure Only Lovers Left Alive? Now before you convince yourself that Pierpaolo Piccioli is a goth in denial, to (miss)quote one R. Kelly, ‘still trapped in the gothic closet’, out comes a tailored tracksuit trouser, which, in my opinion is an even better indicator of vampiric tendencies. Hunting humans to suck blood from their jugular is exhausting, yet essential to your survival. These are after all, the last moments on earth of the victim of what is known as the, ‘greatest game’. Why not look as stylish as you can when administering that final moment? It’s the last thing your victim will see. If you have any compassion at all, scrub up, give them something pretty to remember their final breathe by. Wear Valentino.