Sunday 11th June

| BY Jack Moss

What We Wear: Menswear SS18

Glamour and sports, babes, glamour and sports. They go together – promise. We’re told sports are very now. Even a certain high-ranking member of Team Ten treated her foot to a trainer recently, but it didn’t fit “because now her feet are like Barbie’s.” And, on the subject of sport and glamour, what sport is more glamorous than basketball? Apart from that one where horses dance, because that’s quite glamorous too, there isn’t one. Long way round of saying that What We Wear’s SS18 presentation was displayed on a basketball court, the model’s themselves demonstrating both their ball skills and collection. They were very good at both.

Clothes themselves were sportswear tinged – 70s-style stand collars with ring-pull zippers, varsity jackets, all the way to stiffer, more technical fabrications. Loads of men are going to want to buy this stuff. All in all, a nice outing from Tinie Tempah, who Sophia ambushed backstage with a large microphone, sung to him his own songs and then asked him lots of personal questions. Which will be coming to soon. Watch this space…