Thursday 18th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Y/Project: Menswear AW18

Could you say that Y/Project is ever so slightly reminiscent of the Wu Tang Clan? There’s something about the trousers that says early 90’s, LA street to me. Which seeing as Glenn Martens designs are rooted in streetwear probably makes sense. Anyway, back to the trousers. They’re cut wide, and slouchy. A slouch that bunches up on the leg. They’re covered in wide horizontal seams of padding or fur, the ones in denim, with denim seams, creating a weird sort of ripple effect. Imagine the Michelin Man if he did fashion and you’ll get an idea of the Y/ Project leg.

And while the bottom half says leg of tyre company, the top half says man at one with nature. Nature of the in a park bush variety- leather. Nature of the chopping wood in a forest variety- lumberjack checks. Even nature of the hiking in the rain to admire beautiful landscapes from a great height variety- anoraks and puffas. And did we mention the crotch height Ugg? Are Uggs the new Crocs? Uggs the new trousers? And most importantly of all, if we choose to wear both the Uggs and the trousers, which one should we layer over the other? Or do we just simply keep it Ugg over trouser on one leg, trouser over Ugg on the other? Well, we do have two legs, why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans