Thursday 31st March

| BY Jack Moss

A First Look At Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Clothing Line

RING THE ALARM: rumour is that B’s album is dropping tomorrow. You heard it here first. Well, actually, you probably didn’t because Dominic told me and he’d found out on Instagram. So you probably all know. But anyway, the news made him “so excited that he might wee himself”. But more pressure was to be put upon poor Dominic’s urinary system when I showed him the above video, released today, in which Yonce reveals her brand new clothing line, Ivy Park. In it, our reigning Empress runs, jumps, dances, flexes and talk in hushed inspirational tones about like how good exercise is and stuff (yer, we wouldn’t know). But fear not, fitness avoiders, such items from the collection as the Ivy Park-emblazoned one-piece swimsuit would look just as great “up in the club” (GAY Late). And that’s kind of exercise, right? Or like, we guess you could actually go to the gym if you really have to. Take it as the only excuse you’ll ever get to sweat all over Beyoncé. Yum.