Wednesday 22nd November

| BY Finn Blythe

A Rick Owens Retrospective Is Opening In Milan Later This Year


Calling fellow worshipers at the Temple of Rick – news of a whopping retrospective has (finally) reached our ears. Well, we heard rumours – but now we have rock solid confirmation. The point of pilgrimage? Milan, more specifically, The Triennale di Milano, which will host Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman – a homage to the last 23 years (ish) of Rick Owens’ wonderfully subversive, playful and innovative fashions. Naturally, Rick is taking full control of the occasion, handpicking his most treasured creations from his archive and marrying them with his own selection of furniture, films, graphics and sculptures. That’s the reward of having your own retrospective, see – presenting your personal history in exactly the way you want it.

More eloquently put by the man himself in a recent interview with WWD, “I’m not going to get too abstract. I like history and I like being able to rewrite history, and that’s what something like this allows you to do. You’re able to quietly sweep away all your mistakes, just celebrate all the things that you consider successful and just paint yourself in a whole pretty picture”. We like pretty pictures and we’re all for sweeping mistakes under the carpet. On top of it all, the exhibition will also be an opportunity for Rick to explore the work of those whose genius has touched his own; Pierre Molinier, Marcel Duchamp. et al. – both of whom have had an indelible influence on his creative vision since the beginning. Exciting!

Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman will be open from December 15 2017 to March 25 2018 at Triennale di Milano

Photograph Danielle Levitt 
Rick Owens, SS13