Wednesday 13th September

| BY Finn Blythe

Acne Studios Launch Showpiece Prototype Limited Collection


Remember that ruddy fabulous AW17 Acne show? The one that was inspired by Jonny Johanssons fondness of finger puppets, and also included all those full length coats that briefly led you to consider life as a flasher? We certainly do – it inspired us to wear all our outerwear back-to-front for several weeks. You can only imagine our delight then, upon hearing that Acne Studios will be launching the very formal and serious sounding, ‘Showpiece Prototype’. A new, untested set of fashion gadgets perchance? It’s much more exciting than that. Acne Studios will in fact be releasing 100 original collectors pieces, all of which were produced by hand for that memorable show. To buy you mean? Yes, you heard correctly, to buy. Available exclusively at flagship stores worldwide, fellow Londoners will be able to get their fix at Dover Street Market on the 15th September. Having already begun on the 7th in Madison Avenue, New York, the collection is spreading globally this month, like some kind of amazing fash pandemic, with the next stop in London, followed by Milan and Paris. Perhaps that life as a flasher isn’t dead after all…

Showpiece Prototype will be available here in London at the Dover Street store from the 15th September