Adidas Originals X Spezial

Since an exhibition of the very same name was erected in London last year as an homage to Adidas’s most avid collectors, the ‘SPEZIAL’ name has come to represent the very essence of what makes the brand such an object of obsession. Creative Consultant Gary Aspden- himself an out and proud Adidas anorak, curated the show and has since lead the design of a new range in it’s name. Rifling through the promo shots Aspden’s hand in Adidas Originals x SPEZIAL feels almost heartfelt, as there’s a distinctly British streak in the aesthetic. Whilst subtle enough to not alienate a wider audience, a nod to the tribes who first gravitated towards the brand in the 70s and 80s is made. Somehow it manages to represent that turning point where sportswear suddenly wasn’t just for playing sports in, but looking amazing also. As amazing as Lev Tanju of Palace Skateboards looks here.

Photo: Kevin Cummins

By Vincent Levy