Alain Mikli Unveils Alexandre Vauthier Collaboration With Campaign Starring Kate Moss

Allow us to get things underway with some peerless wisdom from a man who knows more than we do about wearing sunglasses. That man is none other than Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, who said, “sunglasses are like eye-shadow: They make everything look pretty and younger”. Is that an admission that he wears sunglasses to give a favourable tint to an otherwise dull and unattractive world, or is it that he believes that he himself will look younger and prettier, which, naturally, he does. The answer is there is no answer, we just wanted to get you thinking about sunglasses.

Now that you’re in the zone though, we can share this rather fabulous collaboration between eyewear extraordinaire Alain Mikli and French couturier, Alexandre Vauthier. We’re a little bit in love. Consisting of four styles, each named like heiresses of some royal medieval lineage; Roselyne, Nadége, Edwidge and Edwidge jewelled (like her sis, but in it for the bling), all of which can be seen here perched atop the nasal bridge of one Kate Moss. A fine nasal bridge it is too. There’s something about the full-bodied lens (can a lens be full bodied?) and voluptuous curve of the Roselyne (below) that shouts Marla from Fight Club minus the fag smoke, because who needs a cigarette to look mysterious and seductive when you have a pair of Alain Miklis?