Thursday 15th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Anja Rubik Is The Face Of Anthony Vaccarello’s New Saint Laurent


See this as a little something the whet your appetite for this month’s Paris Fashion Week where we will, for the first time, experience Anthony Vaccarello’s brand new vision for the house of Saint Laurent. And, if this is anything to go by, then it’s sexy. Bloody sexy. Because Anja Rubik is sexy. A denim jacket is oft-considered sexy. And a spangly leotard, well, that’s obviously sexy. So too is a knicker tan line apparently. Good news, ladies. You also may notice that in this teaser campaign (#YSL02), shot by Inez and Vinoodh, Anja is stood on a bridge. This, we are told, is metaphorical. “Like a tribute to Paris, this campaign shows the city between two banks and also a little of the new Saint Laurent wardrobe,” reads our good pal Mr Press Release. “Crossing the references to the heritage of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house, juxtaposing leather, jewels and lace, drawing a femininity without frills.” And the woman herself? “Free, hedonist and elusive,” apparently. And what a woman. We’re now presuming it’s okay to go trouser-less and thigh first into PFW. You’ve been warned.