Friday 19th January

| BY Joel Traptow

Antonio Berardi Announces A Move To Salon Shows In Milan


With men’s fashion month in full swing and women’s starting in a few short weeks, we have some breaking news from the Ten family in Milano. Antonio Berardi (long time friend, both personal and professional of our beloved Edatrix-In-Chief) will not be showing In London for the AW18 season, but is instead adapting a new approach to showcasing the collection; “I want to tailor the experience, in the same way that I cut my clothes. That feeling of ‘Up close and personal’ , seeing things as they were intended in 360 degrees, and most of all, for my customer, the press and buyers, to have a moment to see the craft and intricacies that are part of my DNA.” So what does this mean? It means that for Autumn/ Winter 2018 Berardi will be inviting guests into his newly opened Milanese studio space to view the collection via a salon style show. We always say the more exclusive and intimate you make something the crazier the fashion folk go. We are very excited to see this new chapter unfold for the designer and can’t wait to see him (and his fashions obvs) up-close-and-personal in Milan.