Astrid Anderson London Collections Men S S14


This one is exploring themes of superstition and ritual apparently. “When faced with adversity before taking a gamble, on seeking guidance from afar, and as athletes before contest”. The collection was created to do the same. Well so says the press release. “…to empower people and make them feel protected, or maybe just lucky”. It also apparently “mirrors both the purity of the stones, and the sensitive story underlying their hard exterior”. Which leads me to think, could this have actually been inspired by the giant pink crystal/ voice of dad in Out of this World? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if it was? If that voice was the soundtrack? Remixed with ‘would you like to swing on a star’? Anyway, this was soft and hard. Sportswear in white and mint green, lace inserts, velour and a chiffon tunic. Foreheads glistening with sweat. Also, there was fur. Summer fur. Which is obviously rather fabulous.

Photographer Antony Miles

By Natalie Dembinska