Balenciaga Unveil Their Joint Capsule Collections With Mr. Porter & Net-A-Porter

There’s a thin line when it comes to things arriving in twos. A double heart bypass or a double speeding fine is unambiguously bad, but other pairs are harder to place, like twins or back-to-back viewings of A Place In The Sun – you’re often left doubting just how much you really needed the second. On rare occasions, the pair is unequivocally superior, and it is these fleeting moments of clarity that you must indulge in if you wish to live a happy and fulfilling life. Trust us on this. Balenciaga’s exclusive capsule collection with Net-A-Porter & Mr. Porter is such a moment- launching today, the collaboration marks the first time that Balenciaga has embarked on dual capsules for both women’s and men’s, with both sites carrying ready-to-wear, bags, jewellery and accessories from the SS18 runway show. How’s that for Monday morning news?

For Net-A-Porter, this means a mind-boggling fifty-three pieces- I mean, are they stocking their entire collection? They’re not, actually, but a substantial portion none the less, comprising of tees, hoodies, outerwear and denim, as well as the Speed sneaker and now-iconic Pantashoe. We’re getting ours in purple. For men-folk, Mr. Porter’s selection consists of thirty-four pieces, with a focus on outerwear and those BB Mode logo sweaters. You might have noticed there are fewer pieces for men, but that’s why you must indulge in the double and get with the gender fluid programme. We certainly will be. Both collections will be launched via this here joint digital campaign, shot and styled by Johnny Dufort and Lotta Volkova. Make sure to give the forthcoming campaign video a watch too, but for now, go forth and spend!

The Balenciaga x Mr. Porter x Net-A-Porter will be available at and respectively, from 22nd January