Friday 14th September

| BY Tamsyn Chandler

Benetton Collabs With Selfridges On a Retro Capsule Collection


A much welcome splash of colour is coming to London this September, courtesy of Benetton. From raincoats in cherry PVC, to multicoloured raglan-style sweatshirts, Selfridges will be exclusively stocking 109 different shades of cashmere.  Basically, if you want a jumper in mint green, or an electric blue turtleneck, then this is your best bet to stock up before Winter hits. Or if you’re one of those who play it safe, the garments will also be available in black at this kaleidoscopic pop up.

All the pieces are unisex and timeless, with clean cuts and materials to suit all ages, all styles. Inspired by both the 1980s and the 2000s, the collection makes us cherish all our childhood Benetton so much more. This is the combination of Italian style and British comfort that is welcome in any wardrobe. And a nice little touch for all the colour/ number freaks – the 109 shades hints to the actual Pantone code for Selfridge’s Yellow. 109 is the number.

Anyways, get yourself down to Oxford Street from the September 14th onwards. Skip the dull winter coats and dip into the waters of 1980s, this is the one occasion you won’t mind a painter’s palette splashed all across your jumper.

The Benetton x Selfridges collaboration is launching in-store and online on September 14th.

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