Wednesday 15th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Browns Unveil #cooltobekind Campaign With Andy Leek


It’s nice to be nice. Last week on my commute to work (commute being the polite term for the sweat infused ruckus that is the Victoria line at 8:30am), a young woman, laden with bags and seemingly on the brink of collapse, lost grip of her purse and watched as its’ entire contents were ejected on contact with the floor. We’re talking bank cards, change, loyalty cards, photo booth snaps, the lot. Faced down by a troupe of suits, earphones in whilst they marched furiously to the escalator, a few of us silently scrambled around the foyer floor and recouped her belongings. Sure, it was a very small act of spontaneous kindness, but in this bustling metropolis, that rarely feels like it has time for your problems, it felt significant. That’s why I’m particularly excited about Browns’ newest campaign, #cooltobekind, launched in collaboration with London based artist and general do-gooder, Andy Leek. If you aren’t already aware of his Insta alias ‘notestostrangers’, Andy can be found adorning telephone boxes and feeder pillars around London with his playful messages of hope and inspiration. To kick off the campaign, Andy will be taking over the full exterior of Browns’ South Molton Street store as well as the Sloane Street store for a whole week, hand painting giant messages of positivity that will hopefully be absorbed by the general public. Holli Rogers, CEO at Browns, spoke of the importance of the campaign’s mantra to the brand, saying, “This #cooltobekind mantra has such deep roots in our business. I believe that energy spreads to our customers too and I hope that this campaign brings some joy to people’s lives…Connecting is such an important thing in life!”. I’ll drink to that Holli.