Thursday 18th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Burberry To Show in New Location for SS17

It is definitely one of my (many) character flaws, but I cannot let anything go. This includes the smallest of things. Things I shouldn’t have an emotional attachment to. A cursory glance into my wallet will reveal lots of useless receipts. Perhaps I’m very careful with my money and archive the receipts to keep an eye on expenditures? Wrong. I just feel sad when it comes to throwing them away. I love them. Thank you for being you South West Train receipt from June 1st 2010. Enough is enough though. Sometimes you’ve got to be spontaneous. Balls to the wall and get on with it. A little like Burberry. After what seems like a lifetime showing in the Kensington Gardens space they have announced that this season they will be packing up and moving closer to the action at Brewer Street Car Park. Say goodbye to Kensington Gardens and hello to Makers House at 1 Manette Street. I had better take a leaf out of Burberry’s book asap otherwise I’ll need to prepare for an appearance on Hoarders. Still pretty though.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans